Our Tips For The Lost City Trek

Deciding what to pack for any trek can sometimes be as exhausting as the trek itself. But not to worry, this list is as minimalist as possible so you can make sure you have everything you NEED for your 4 or 6 day trek to the lost city!

So to start, the walking: 

  1. You’re going to need some shoes or boots to walk in. (Hopefully that was obvious). One thing to note: river crossings mean footwear will get wet!

  2. Clothes appropriate for the walk are also key. Many will recommend to take a couple of sets (2 pairs of socks, 2 t-shirts, 1 shorts/leggings and 4 pairs of underwear at least so you have something dry at the start of each day).

  3. In this heat, a water bottle is definitely essential. There are regular points to fill up along the way too!

  4. Speaking of heat and sweat, let’s not forget the danger for rain as well… A dry-bag (or plastic bag) is essential for keeping anything in your bag dry that needs to be kept dry.

And at camp:

The view at the top!

The view at the top!

  1. Flip-flops, sandals, thongs… Whatever you want to call them, after a day of trekking your feet are going to want to get some air!

  2. You’re going to be sleeping in hammocks, and it can get pretty cold at night, so bring some warmer night-time clothes. Trousers and long sleeves are ideal to try and keep the mozzies at bay.

  3. There are places to swim at every campsite, so a small or lightweight towel to dry is very helpful. Swimming costume always optional… ;-)

  4. After the first camp there is no electricity, so any torch or flashlight is fine. If you’re planning on using your phone, then maybe a portable charger will be necessary..?

  5. Shared bathrooms along a trekking route… Take your own toilet roll people.


  1. Sun cream (for the sun) and insect repellent (for the insects) can be considered pretty close to 100% essential. You don’t want to come back from this burnt. And the repellent might not feel like it makes a difference as you will definitely still get bitten, but 10 bites is better than 100!

TOP TIP: Book the Lost City at El Rio directly at reception!