Ten Top Tips for Tayrona

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 16.39.58.png
  1. Go early to avoid queues and have the best pick of accommodation 
  2. Take plenty of water and suncream
  3. Bring your own food to avoid high prices and potential food poisoning
  4. If you’re going to take alcohol beware, it’s likely to get confiscated at the entrance
  5. Be aware of where you can and can’t swim. Plenty of people have drowned in the park as currents are strong
  6. Bring snorkelling gear
  7. Consider going as a day trip, using El Rio as a base 
  8. Visit the lesser known but equally beautiful Playa Brava and Bahia Concha
  9. Leave your big backs and travel light - we can look after your luggage at El Rio
  10. Bring plenty of cash and withdraw in Santa Marta - cash machines are few and far between. Some restaurants or shops will allow you to withdraw but for a hefty fee

For more information, check out our guide here